Behaviour of Club Members, Officials, Spectators

The Kellyville Bushrangers are proud of our track record with regards to Behaviour in the Junior League, with minimal incidents in the past few years. It is the focus of our committee to continue to set the benchmark for behaviour in our league.

By Completing your registration, you have agreed to abide by the NRL Code of Conduct, and at the same time, the Code of Conduct of our great club.

We Recently were awarded the 2017 NIB Foundation Junior Club of the Year for our continued efforts to improve the behaviour of our members, both on and off the field.

It should be noted, that as a parent, you too are bound by the Code of Conduct that all players, Coaches & officials must abide by.

The Parramatta Junior Rugby League have done, and will continue to monitor the behaviour of its spectators, and will ban people from attending if it deems fit.

As a Club, we also take the behaviour of our players, officials & spectators seriously. Regardless of whether Parramatta Junior Rugby League or NSWRL taking any action, the Club itself can & will act

In accordance with the Club's Constitution - please note the following:


i) The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with / adjudicate on any written complaint made to it of misconduct of any Official or Club Member, provided that the complaint is of misconduct detrimental to the policy, interest and/or welfare of the Club.


i) the Club Committee shall have the power to cite or show cause to appear before the Executive Committee any Official or Member of the Club against whom a complaint of misconduct or any other infringement of the By Laws and Constitution of the Club shall have been laid and after proper inquiry therein shall adjudicate.



i) In all cases where the Executive Committee requires a Club Member to appear before it, a minimum of Seven (7) days notice in writing is required.


The Above applies to All Players, Officials, Parents, Spectators &/or anyone associated with our members.