These terms and conditions should be read with the National Rugby League Limited™s (NRL) Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available at

Capitalised terms or phrases in these terms and conditions have the same meaning as in the Privacy Policy, unless defined otherwise herein. In entering information into the NRL™s online registration form (the Information), the Club and the Player (or if the Player is under 18 years of age at the time of registration, that Player's parent or legal guardian) agree:

1.       The Information is true, correct and accurate.

2.       The Information will be held on a national database maintained by the NRL.

3.       The Information may be used and disclosed by the NRL and the Leagues in accordance with and for the purposes specified in the NRL's Privacy Policy, including (without limitation) processing registrations, organising, staging and conducting Competitions and providing Rugby League related information and offers from the NRL and Rugby League Administrators.

4.       The Player has voluntarily provided, in the online registration form, some Sensitive Information relating to ethnicity and heritage. This information assists the NRL and Rugby League Administrators to adopt a needs based approach to the administration and development of Rugby League and to ensure that it is an inclusive sport.

5.     To comply with and abide by the policies of the NRL and the Leagues including but not limited to the NRL Rules, Code of Conduct,  Laws of the Game,  Rugby League Laws of Mini Footy and Mod League, Safe Play Code, Member Protection Policy, National Clearance and Permits Policy, Leagues Anti-Doping Policy, competition rules and by-laws of the League in which the Player participates and any associated rules  (together, the Rules), copies of which are available at or available upon request. 

Liability and Risk

6.       Rugby League is a body contact sport which carries a risk of personal injury.  The League, Competition Administrator and the Participant’s Club each take steps to reduce the risk of serious injury, but it is not possible to eliminate risk in a sport involving forceful body contact such as Rugby League. By signing this registration form, the Participant and/or his parent or legal guardian voluntarily assume the risks associated with participating in Rugby League and acknowledge this warning of the injury risks involved.

7.       Whilst some limited statutory insurance cover is available in some States for some participants in Rugby League who suffer particular injuries, the Civil Liability Act in each State (the Acts) limit the liability of the Leagues, Competition Administrators and Clubs (including their volunteers, members, employees and officials) from civil litigation arising out of injuries suffered whilst playing, or training for, Rugby League.

8.       The Leagues are required by the Acts to warn Players and/or their legal guardians and other persons involved in the game of Rugby League of the not insignificant risks of injury involved in playing Rugby League, which the Leagues hereby do.

Indemnity and Compliance

9.       It is a condition of membership and/or registration with the Leagues that the Player and/or his parent or legal guardian acknowledges:

(a)      That membership and/or registration of the Player is conditional on continued observance of and compliance by the Player with the Rules;

(b)      That the Player will accept the decisions and directions of the NRL, League and Competition Administrator made in accordance with the Rules;

(c)      That the Player will not, during the currency of his membership and/or registration or at any time thereafter (should he cease to be a member and/or registered) make any claim against the League, Competition Administrator or the Player's Club for damages in negligence or contract related to any alleged act or omission of the League, Competition Administrator or Player's Club (including their members, volunteers, officials or employees) for injury arising out of any game or training program under the control or supervision of the League, Competition Administrator or the Player's Club;

(d)      That, in the event of any person commencing any proceedings against the Player for any assault, breach of the Rules or negligence causing injury, the Player hereby indemnifies the League, Competition Administrator and Player's Club (including their members, officials and employees) against any order of the Court including any award for damages, legal costs and disbursements which may be awarded or ordered against any of them;

(e)      That the indemnity and waiver provided by the Player herein may be pleaded in bar to any such proceedings aforesaid;

(f)      If the Player shall suffer any injury including death whilst engaged in training or playing Rugby League and a cause of injury was the negligence, trespass, assault or a breach of other obligations imposed by laws or any of their persons or bodies named in the Rules, then the liability of the League, Competition Administrator and Club (including their members, volunteers, officials and employees) is limited to the extent of any insurance policy held by the League, Competition Administrator or Club, and the amount which such insurer is liable to pay under the policy, and/or the amount of insurance payable by any  applicable statutory insurance schemes; and

(g)      The Player agrees that this limitation of liability applies even if he ceases to be a member of the League or Club.